Friday, May 16, 2008

Well on MAY 14TH I celebrated my 42nd birthday and I must say that it was a good day.

Well It started out like any other day. I got my materials ready and I went to class and got the classroom set up for my students. I noticed that a few of my students were late so I did not worry about it. Then at about 10am I notice 3 of my late students. They are holding a cake and it has candles on it. (I had some great photos of this but I lost my camera.)

They sang "Happy Birthday" to me and I blew out the candles. They even got me a birthday hat, that I wore for the entire class time. I made sure that each student received a piece of the cake if they wanted it and I ate the rest. It was very delicious. One student even gave me a "COKE ZERO" wrapped up in a bow. Another, student gave me a cold Pepsi.

I then went to a Diner called "Jade's". She cooks great food and the special was burritos and Fajitas. So I had one of each, as I went to pay, she told me to please wait. I did and then she brought out a small chocolate cake. It was so tasty and very delicious. I thanked Jade for this kind gesture.

I had 2 cakes and I was full.

I went to my next class and they sang me happy birthday also.

After class I went to CGV and showed them my VIP coupon for Happy Birthday. I was able to get a free ticket for "Prince Caspian" shown at the digital screen shown on 5-15. I was also told that to show the ticket to the concession person and I would get something. (I received a free large popcorn and a large coke zero)

I saw the film and I will write up the review later.

I then went to see the Kia Tigers play our Hanwha Eagles.

Well it was a good game for 6 innings then we got our asses handed to us and we lost 10-4.

2 Things of interest happened at the game.

1. The 7th inning stretch here is played during the 6th inning. Lately they have started to play "Take me out to the Ball Game" well nobody knows the song, I have no idea why i did it but.. i stood up and faced the crowns and went 1-2-3. I led the crowd in singing the song. After it was over, the crowd cheered and the male cheerleader called me his older brother. The Koreans next to me asked how I knew this song. I told them that this song is sung in the 7th inning when the Chicago Cubs play at home. They really did not understand but they liked the song.

2. I met the parents of Eagles CF Doug Clark. They were quite surprised to see a western face and that I spoke English. We talked for about 20 minutes and I told them about Korean baseball, my job, what goes on here. They were very nice people. They are both Red Sox's fan so when I was wearing my NY Yankees Jacket, they could not believe that I was from Texas. I told the Clarks' that you 2 are celebrities here. When Doug hit the ball they show both of your faces on TV. As we were leaving a Korean man shook their hands and said "Clarks' mother and father. I hope that they come back to Korea soon.

I then went to "BrickHouse" and had 1 beer and then went to "J Rock"

Now thats when I really started to have some fun.

I saw TC their and we started talking. I saw that the DJ was their and I asked for my birthday to please play country music. (Hey I like it) and he did the entire night. I saw more friends of mine and I was drinking beer and my old friend Mr. Tequila. Needless to say, somewhere I lost my camera and will buy a new one in a few months.
(Thanks TC, Jermony, Van, Sasha, and others for a great night)

It was a very nice day and thank you.

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