Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Told Ya So (Again)
Jeez. I don't know what's more disappointing -- the fact that I and other thinking humans figured out from the day PD Notebook aired that their claims were specious-to-false while everyone took their word as gospel, or the fact that everyone's acting as if they were snookered when they should not have been.

If the con artist at the bus stop says they need a 10,000 won bill to get home and they lost their wallet and will promptly pay you back by wiring the money to your account as soon as they arrive, you're an idiot. But hey, it's a learning experience.

If you get fooled twice, you're a maroon.

Three times, and you're a fucking moron.

Hmm -- PD Notebook's track record of being sensationalistic and reporting false claims or going unethical routes to gather information is well known to the Korean public. So why is the government and the people acting so shocked and surprised at the fact that their claims about "genetic susceptibility", out-of-context use of "downer cow" footage, and the report of the "woman who died of mad cow disease" that was mistranslated -- I knew all those things from day 1.

And I'm not a frickin' genius -- so did other members of the media, and so should have many members of the population.

If you're snookered by the same character in the same way several times, who's really at fauly? PD Notebook does what it does, and sometimes they're wrong (like now) and sometimes they're right (like with Hwang Woo Suk); but this ain't nothin' new.

The Korean public is just pissed and angry for being snookered, but this time it was much more embarrassing. But, even if PD Notebook is taken off the air or whatever (it was before, after all), it'll be back up again and nothing will have changed.

This, from the same public that still thinks you can die from sleeping in front of a fan. The problem's much bigger than PD Notebook.

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