Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have never been that huge of a fan of the "Hulk", so when Ang Lee's Hulk bombed, I was not that surprised. I was hopping that we would never hear from the "Hulk" ever again. That would have been a shame because I like the New Hulk film, The Incredible Hulk.

The film opening credits told you that you were going to see something different. I saw references to Tony Stark, SHIELD, Nick Furry and basically a relaunch of the Hulk franchise, while ignoring the 2003 film. If you notice, they showed a clip of Bill Bixby, (as a nice little nod to the man who portrayed Bruce Banner in the 70's TV show). I could not believe that they were tying the Marvel Universe together in the film. I also liked the fact the they used Stan Lee (the creator of the comic book), Lou Ferrigno (The TV Hulk) and Paul Soles (who voiced Banner in the 1966 The Marvel Superheroes cartoon) and a nice little tip towards "Captain America"

The film ultimately works as a love story between Banner and Betsy Ross. She loved David Banner and when he became the Hulk. She lost the man that she loved. When he returns, you can see her pain and when he becomes, Hulk, she is the only one who can calm him down. She loves the man and can calm the monster.

The film has it usual villains, General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross and Abomination trying to work together to destroy the "Hulk".What I also liked that the film was setting up Samuel Sterns as The Leader to be a future villain.

There is definitely an "Oh Frack" moment at the end of this film and it really shows that maybe, Marvel will try and finally get it right.

If you liked the first film, then you will not like this one. If the reverse is true, then you will probably like this one. Please see it when you can.

Grade A.

Betty Ross: [Betty and Bruce need to get across own in New York City] The subway is probably quickest.
Bruce Banner: Me in a metal tube with hundreds of people in the most aggressive city in the world?
Betty Ross: Right. Let's get a cab.

Opened in South Korea on 12 Jun 2008

How I saw it. Primus DLP Screen.

Extra scene at the end. No

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