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Exposing the Anti-US Activists as Violence Continues In Seoul

The protests against the importation of US beef into Korea (that really has nothing to do with US beef) broke out once again in downtown Seoul. The conflict began yesterday when the Korean police gave a deadline to the protests groups to remove their tents that were illegally occupying the front lawn of City Hall. The protesters refused and the police moved in an forcibly removed the tents:


In an attempt to end the protests, the Seoul Metropolitan Government removed 27 tents that were built illegally by rally organizers from Seoul City Hall Plaza. About 50 workers and 2,000 riot police removed the tents, which had been used as the headquarters of the civic groups’ alliance, the People’s Conference Against Mad Cow Disease.

About 400 protesters tried to physically block the removal, but failed. About 10 people who violently resisted were taken to a police station for questioning.

The city said it gave the organizer yesterday a noon deadline to leave City Hall Plaza, but the protesters did not cooperate, causing the police to forcibly evict them. [Joong Ang Ilbo]


While removing the tents the police also kept the road leading up to the Presidential Blue House blocked with their police buses in anticipation of the protest that was to begin that night:


After the police tore down the tent city the protesters then brought out a banner depicting Korean President Lee Myung-bak:


They then proceeded to walk all over it and eventually tore it up:


The protesters as usual brought out their young kids to inflate their numbers:


You are never to young to be brainwashed by these leftist goons:


Politicians from the United Democratic Party came out and protested as well:


UDP lawmaker Ahn Min-seok told the media he was assaulted by Korean riot police the night before that ended up being a total fabrication:

Representative Ahn Min-seok said he was assaulted by the police, although he had identified himself as a lawmaker.

Police disagreed. It was Ahn, they said, that actually assaulted three officers.

“We began collecting evidence to investigate this case,” Seoul police said yesterday.

Ahn’s punching a police corporal was captured by the video record of Joins TV, an Internet broadcaster affiliated with the JoongAng Ilbo. The footage was posted on the JoongAng Ilbo’s Internet site. [Joong Ang Ilbo]

The leftist propaganda sites though have been working overtime to spread the disinformation that Ahn was attacked despite the video evidence to the contrary. Below is a picture being spread on the Anti2mb website condemning the supposed attack on Ahn:


I’m sure you will never see on the Anti2mb website:


Here is an example of more violence against police officers from last night:

Around 1:20 a.m., Oh Myeong-hwan, a detective from the Namdaemun police precinct, attempted to arrest several protesters who vandalized the Koreana Hotel in central Seoul. He was soon surrounded by about 30 demonstrators. Lee Deok-wu, an attorney from the Lawyers for a Democratic Society, which represents the rally organizer, appeared 20 minutes later. Kim Won-jung, chief of the Namdaemun police, also arrived.

“The people nabbed Oh because they thought he was a kidnapper,” Lee said. At the time, Oh was not wearing his uniform. [Joong Ang Ilbo]

These people claim to be peaceful protesters yet they are vandalizing one of the better hotels in Seoul and beating policeman and then claim he is a kidnapper. How would a kidnapper kidnap “several” men at one time? These people will lie about anything.

These so called peaceful protesters have also ransacked offices of newspapers that have spoken out against the violence as part of the protesters campaign of intimidation to silence their critics:

Demonstrators have attacked journalists from conservative-leaning newspapers, which they claim carry unfair reports about the protests. They also broke windows to storm into the head offices of the Chosun Ilbo and Donga Ilbo dailies. [Korea Times]

Choe Sang-hun of the New York Times reported last night’s protests as having 15,000 people. Looking at the below pictures I would say that estimate is about right and would make this the largest of the violent protests so far:



As night fell the violence began:


Of course once again they were using ropes to pull on the buses with to try and move them:


I may have even been able to locate King Baeksu’s fire extinguisher from last night’s protest:


The Anti2mb site is claiming the policemen were beating down foreigners for no reason as well, just like Ahn Min-seok I’m sure:


To be fair some of the policemen were hitting some of the protesters pretty hard as this YouTube video shows but it tough to make out the context of what happened before the woman got hit with the batons. Did she she throw something that hit somebody in the head to provoke the attack? As we see with the Ahn Min-seok story, these groups will lie and lie regularly no matter how absurd the claims may be.

I actually thought this was kind of funny that some of the protesters brought their own water hoses to fight back with:


I was wondering what protesters were doing with these water guns in the previous night’s protest:


Well now we know:

“In the latest rallies, demonstrators shot acid at the police using water pistols and threw bricks at them,” said Han Jin-hee, chief of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. “The use of violence has crossed the line. It doesn’t feel like a democratic country anymore.” [Joong Ang Ilbo]

The leftist politician were also out getting their faces in the news again as well and fortunately there are no reports yet of them claiming they were beaten by police like the false claim from Representative Ahn Min-seok discussed earlier:


The guy dressed in the hanbok if anyone wondering is Hong Hui-deok is a member of the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) that two years ago was linked to a North Korean spy ring.

With that an excellent report was published today that shows the background of two of the main organizers of these protests that clearly shows their anti-American backgrounds:

He said the Korea Alliance for Progressive Movement, established last September, is the architect of the protests.
Oh Chong-ryol and Han Sang-ryeol, the co-chairmen of the civic group, as well as Park Seok-un, another senior leader, were singled out by Hong as ringleaders.

Oh, 70, who used to teach at Jeonnam Girls’ High School, is a well-known anti-U.S. activist. He is also a leader of the alliance of civic groups that oppose the U.S.-Korea free trade agreement as well as other anti-American measures.

Han, 58, whose career as an activist began as the student association president of Chonbuk National University, is famous for leading protests to demand the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from Korea. [Joong Ang Ilbo]

Han Sang-ryeol

Make sure to read the rest of the report but Han Sang-ryeol has a vast history of violence to include participating in the attempt to tear down the MacArthur Statue in Incheon and fighting with Korean police against the Camp Humphreys expansion. He is also a pro-North Korean stooge.

Oh Jong-ryeol

Oh Chong-ryol is the chairman of the Korea Progressive Coalition that is an umbrella group that includes mostly anti-US and pro-North Korean groups like Hanchongryun. Oh has been behind anti-US-ROK FTA protests as well as anti-US protests in 2002 in regards to the USFK armored vehicle accident. He was also involved in protests to shut down the USFK bombing range at Maehyang-ri in 2001.

It is pretty clear that these guys and others are hard core anti-US activists that have been spearheading these violent protests. In response to the violent protests the police have finally issued arrest warrants for organizers of the protests:

Police also said yesterday that they sought warrants to further detain two key members of the rally organizer on charges of violating laws governing assembly and demonstration. According to police, Ahn Jin-geol, 35, was suspected of inciting protesters to march toward the Blue House from May 13 to 25. Yun Hee-suk, 32, was accused of instigating a movement to oust President Lee Myung-bak by acting as a host for the candlelight vigils.

The police also applied for warrants to arrest eight others who are known as leaders of the anti-U.S. beef import rallies. Subpoenas were sent to two more activists. [Joong Ang Ilbo]

Ahn Jin-geol was one of the organizers of the violent protests and is a member of the Peace Network. The Peace Network is a anti-US (some Japan bashing too) and North Korean apologist group that has held seminars criticizing actions against North Korea such as UN resolutions condemning North Korea’s human rights abuses. Yun Hee-suk on the other hand I couldn’t find out much about his background but considering the company he keeps we can assume where he comes from.

Also I recommend everyone go and read this posting from Gusts of Popular Feeling that lays out in great detail on how the online scaremongering scheme by some shady leftist groups coincided with the now proven to be fraudulent PD Diary report that greatly fanned the anti-US beef fears across the Korean public. It is coming quite clear how organized these protests were and all the players behind them.

This is all quite clearly an attempt by the anti-US leftist groups to politically neuter Korean President Lee Myung-bak because he put a stop to their leftist agendas by winning the election. They are now trying to do through misinformation, smears, violence, and intimidation what they couldn’t do in the ballot box.

As things stand now they have been extremely effective.

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