Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well, At Least They Knew the War Happened. I Think.

Your ROK-US Alliance warm-and-fuzzy moment of the week, courtesy the Korea Times:

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security said Monday that a survey of 1,016 middle and high school students showed nearly 57 percent didn’t know the war started on June 25, 1950.

Moreover, 51 percent did not know that the war started with North Korea’s invasion of the South. About 14 percent picked Japan as the nation responsible for the war; 13.4 percent, the United States, and 11 percent Russia. About 2 percent even said it was the South invading the North.

While the United States is regarded as the main ally of the country, 28 percent said it was the key “threat” for national security, 4 percentage points higher than North Korea.

Only 56 percent said they felt threatened by the North’s nuclear weapons development, adding that the chance of another Korean War taking place was very low.

I bet 99% knew the latitude and longitude of Dokdo, though. And all were PhD’s about Mad Cow Disease.

Still, I guess one can only be so upset about this. At least they’re not making packs to get knocked up.

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