Sunday, June 29, 2008

Well as a fan of Nochnoy dozor/Night Watch, I was curious to see Timur Bekmambetov's first US Film,Wanted. Well, I have now seen it and I love it.

Within the last few years, Russia has started to produce some great movies, with the Night Watch Trilogy and The 9th Company , some attention is being shown to these films. Now with this film wanted now showing, should we see more Hollywood films under Russian directors?

For this who do not know this movie was originally a comic book by Top Cow Productions written by Mark Millar. In the past I have shown my total disdain for bad cartoon rip-offs but this film is not one of them.

I will make this review as spoiler free as possible.

What I liked was the way that the film was shot, the CGI was very well done and looked very real. I also liked that, in a way, you could actually believe this film.
The film was well directed and had a great script and a great plot and one heck of a fracked up ending. If you like this kind of film, then you need to see this when you can.

Wesley: [Final Line] What the f___ have you done lately?

Grade A-

How I saw it CGV Theater.

Opens in Korea. 26 June 2008 (South Korea)

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