Thursday, June 05, 2008

Well I finally made the Korean websites.

It was all over a baseball game. (I know, big surprise)

A few weeks ago I went to a baseball game on Sunday and the Korean Legend, Song Jin-Woo, was 6 strikeouts away from 2000 career strikeouts. I was sitting next to a Korean man, who told me that he was his friends and that he was hopping that he could make #2000 today. I saw him making some # cards and I was not really paying attention. The game starts and he asks me if I would hold this care with a -6 on it. I said sure and the next thing I know, MBC and the photographers are taking photos of me and the Korean person next to me cheering on Mr. Song with each pitch.

So He gets his first strike out and I am given a -5 to hold and once again MBC puts us on TV and more photographs are taken. I found it very interesting. So when he got his 2nd k, I was given the -4 sign and more photos were taken. (I later found out from my students that Naver had the above photo displayed on its website. They could not believe that I went to the baseball game.) So I have now been on all of the major TV networks here in Korea and now I have been featured on Naver.

Now for the 2nd photo.

I went to the baseball game on May 14th. It was my birthday and It was on a Wednesday. I was going with a friend, but he had to cancel. So I went by myself and they lost to KIA 10-4. I was down about it. I noticed that there was a couple sitting in the good seats and I went over to them after the game to introduce myself to them. I soon found out that it was Doug Clark's parents. They were very surprised to see a face that spoke English. We talked for about 20-30 minutes and I talked to them about Korean Baseball and life here in Korea.

A few weeks later, I finally met Clark. I ask to take a photo and here it is. We talked about baseball and what was going on in Korea. I hope he hits a lot of home runs this season and maybe, just maybe. 2008 Hanwha will win the baseball championship.

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