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Have you ever gone into a movie thinking that you were going to hate it? Then, it is you in the movie theater alone, realizing that you really thought that they did a good job with the film. This happened to me at "Sex in the City"


Well the film starts out 4 years after the TV show has ended. Carrie is still with "Big". Samantha is now in California, managing Smith's career. Charlotte is still married to Harry and their 3 year old adoptive daughter and Miranda is Still married to Steve and loves her son. I never was that huge of a fan of the TV show but I know who the cast is and the stories.

Recently, in movie reviews, I have asked the writers to tell me a good story and to actually have a good script that works and just make the film somewhat believable. You can imagine my surprise what the film actually delivered all of that. The film is about 2.5 hours long, but it does not feel like that.

The films main issues are Carrie and "Big's" huge wedding and how all of her friends will be there, Samantha's' missing of New York and her slow hatred of California. We see that Charlotte becomes pregnant and has another little girl and Miranda's lost of love and he path back to it.

What I liked was all 4 of the ladies stories were well told well paced that you could actually believe that this could happen. What I liked was when "Big" called off the wedding at the Library, You saw her friends just take over and really show their anger. Watch Charlotte's role in this part. I Thought that Kristen Davis pulled it off very well.

With Carrie we see her do a total collapse and when she finds out why "Big" has second thought and who was to blame for it, it turned the film and it made it better.

I also liked Samantha's story about California. You see that she has a high power job managing "Smith's" career, she loves him but not in love with California and when she realizes what is wrong, she makes the right call in going back to NYC.

We see Charlotte loving her role as a mother and also as Carries' protector. I thought that they really developed her role quite well here. What I loved was when she finally started to tell "Mr. Big" off, her water broke and it was just so believable, it worked.

My favorite story was Amanda's. You can see that she has it all but she has taken it for granite. When she realizes that Steve cheated on her and what she told "Big" before the wedding, you see these 2 slowly destroying her. Take a good look at the fashion show scene, I thought that this is where Amanda's character started to evolve. The New Years scene and the Valentine's Day story is where the film shows what lies can do to people.

The addition of Jennifer Hudson as Carries' Assistant, Louise, roves to be a stroke of brilliance. You can see what time that she has in the film, that an actress is developing and we get to see it. Watch for the "rented bags" scene to show how truly fashion label people can be. It was crazy but it worked.

The end of the film was simple but it worked. It was at a small wedding reception at a local dinner for Carrie and "Big" with her friends and their families. It was just so simple but it seemed so real. No fancy fashion labels or gaudy clothes, just love.
Love was lost, love was destroyed but in the end love saved.

END SPOILER ALERTS.............................................................

If you want a good film to see, then please see Sex and the City

Grade B+

How I saw it. Yongsan CGV

Opened in Korea. 5 June 2008

Opening Weekend in USA. $56,848,056 (USA) (1 June 2008) (3,285 Screens)

No Extra scene at the end of the credits

Anthony Marentino: The invitations are fancier than the dress.
Carrie Bradshaw: I heard that.
Anthony Marentino: I meant you to!

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