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US Beef Protests Dwindle as Anti-US Groups Show Their True Colors
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It looks like since the real forces behind the US beef protests are beginning to show their true colors, more and more of the Korean public is being turned off by them:

Over the weekend, the coalition plans to hold another relay rally, and will decide Friday whether to go ahead with a full-fledged campaign to bring down Lee if his government fails to relieve public worries on various policies.

But its official Web site has started to receive criticism over “too many political issues” during the candlelit protests and many demand the rally should focus on the beef issue.

“The original theme should be protected. I hope everyone knows that,” an Internet user with the ID ‘marin’ said on the Web site.

Professor Bak Hee-je from Kyunghee University said that various political issues dealt with in the protests are some of the reasons that citizens have turned away from the rally.

“It is a transition period, definitely,” Bak said. “Those who don’t want to deal with political issues may have left the scene. They’re now waiting to see what the government will offer. But if the government comes up with a lukewarm stance again, they will come back to the streets.” [Korea Times]

I think the most disgusting example of the political nature of these protests is when the anti-US groups set up a memorial tent outside City Hall in Seoul that has blatantly linked the US beef protests with the 2002 USFK armored vehicle accident:


If you look closely at the below image you can see how propaganda images of crazy cows has been intermingled with pictures of the two girls tragically killed in the accident:


The fact that these anti-US groups did this is made even more disgusting by the fact that the families of the two girls killed in the accident clearly said they did not want these protesters to link the two girls to the US beef protests which they went ahead and did anyway.

Something else that bothers me is that an art department went to the Highway 56 Memorial for the two girls built by USFK and began painting images on it that link the memorial to the candlelight protests going on now:


It is pretty easy to see where this artist received his inspiration for the image from considering it looks just like the image on the Korean Internet site the Candlegirls which has been attacking fellow K-blogger Brian Deutsch for daring to write about the absurdity of the US beef protests:


The defacing of the Highway 56 Memorial for political purposes by these anti-US groups is nothing new and something I have written about before and I see no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The anti-US groups also made sure to bring out the kids and indoctrinate them in anti-US hate as well during the beef protests:


Bringing kids to protests is an often used tactic by the Korean left to include even having them participate in violent protests such as what everyone saw at Camp Humphreys:

For those that don’t know many of the same groups behind the US beef protests were the same ones behind the violent Camp Humphrey's expansion protests that featured epic Braveheart style battles:

When you see video like this of the beef protesters attacking the police it is easy to see many of the same people are involved.

Interestingly enough the images of the two girls memorial by the beef protesters come from none other then the Green Korea site out protesting US beef. Even though this organization has nothing to do with US beef they were out dressed in their own crazy cow outfits protesting Korean President Lee Myung-bak’s grand canal project:


The sign she is holding roughly says stop the canal, which is something I could sympathize with except from these people who have been key in spreading propaganda about the US camp pollution issue in their attempts to stop the USFK transformation plan. These people care little about the environment and like many other of the groups involved in these protests are nothing more then front groups for anti-US activity in Korea. This was made quite evident when many of these groups to include Green Korea were linked to a North Korean spy scandal.

These people are predictable as well as disgusting and I hope the fact that protests numbers are dwindling has more to do with average Koreans finally seeing through the fraud these groups represent and not just simple fatigue.

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