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All of this for a 15 minute movie? Are you kidding me?

As has long been a policy of mine, If a reader ask me to review a film, the majority of the time, I will review the film. Well, last week, I was asked will I do a review of this 15 minute film. "FITNA" I said yes. Well I have watched the film and here is the review.

the movie

(At the time of writing this review, the above link was hosting the video)

Fitna Wikipedia Site

The film starts off with a disclaimer that there are some very graphic videos and photos that will be shown in this movie.

For 15 minutes you are shown act of terrorism, People speaking about hatred towards the USA, UK and some very anti-Semitic speech highlights. You are also shown words from the Koran that incite hatred towards all non Muslims. It shows some very graphic scenes of the brutality thrust upon women. The last part of the film talks about the Muslim population in the Netherlands and then links radical Islam To the Nazi's and the Communist.

(Please read the Wikipedia link for more information)

Well the film ask one very interesting question? Will the west surrender to radical Islam? (My vote is no!)

In the study of propaganda, I learned a fact a long time ago. If you scream a lie, loud enough and long enough, the lie will soon become a truth. This is why I am puzzled by the reaction to this movie.

The maker of this film went after the radicals, who are using terrorism to achieve their means. He listed worlds from the Koran that state to kill or burn your enemies. He also showed speeches given in Mosques that incite war and hatred.

Now readers, All followers of the Muslim faith are not terrorist and he clearly shows that in this film. He is showing how the holy words on the faith are being mangled and used to incite those to kill in the name of ones love of their God.

In my opinion, the films goal is to warn against the radicals of Islam. In that part the film is correct. If you believe in freedom, democracy and liberty, then the radicals speeches that the film maker has captured will show you that they are a very determined enemy that want you to conform to them.

At the end of the day the final decision about the film worth or worthiness will not be decided by me, it will be decided by those who believe in free speech. I saw no hatred of all just a select few who are extreme. If you believe that this is a criticism of all Muslims then, you are sadly mistaken.

After I watched the film i was reminded about the movie Jesus Camp when I saw the 3 year old Muslim girl say that Jews were pigs and that the Koran said so. I recall the extremist in this film also. One is being called a hate video while the later was nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature.

What will the west do?

Release Date Online March 28th.

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