Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well I got on the bus and it was a long-ass 6 hour ride and I did not even think about booking a hotel room. (THAT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE) So instead I took a taxi and found a 135$ room for the night. (Yes I know, sucker, but is was an ok room and next time I will not make that same error again)

This time I took the 22$ shuttle and I liked it. I had about 4+ hours to wait so I was in no hurry. I got to the ChristChurch airport and went looking around the stores.

I saw a great place for souvenirs and I picked up a lot for the family back in Texas. I got ,hats, shirts, cups, key rings and TY bears for my sister.

I went and found the bar and they were showing the NASCAR race and I was happy. I had Speights and racing. It was a nice time to wait for the plane.

I then flew from Christ Church to Auckland. I had to spend the night, once again no reservation, but I go there early and found a nice place and a nice price. I watched the OSCARS and yelled when "THERE WILL BE BLOOD" lost!

I ordered domino's pizza and rested the night.

The next day I knew was going to be a long one. I had to return to Korea from Auckland-Hong Kong- Seoul. Once again I feared no sleep on the trip and once again I was right. I absolutely hate the fact that i can not sleep on a plane.

I got to the airport early and checked in. I was reminded about having to pay $25 before I COULD LEAVE NZ. I later learned from "Mc LOVIN" that you have to pay 100 pounds before you leave one of London's airports. So I grumbled and bought a 25$ stamp and showed it a few times before I checked in.

I found a newspaper and i found a "MCD" and drank another huge-ass slurpee.

I checked in and was waiting for the flight. I saw the NZ news and realized that I was actually watching it and knew where this city was.

It was time for me to take the flight and before I got on i turned around and said, "Thank you New Zealand for showing me an awesome vacation"

I then got on the plane and headed off to HK.

Once again when i got to HK, it sucked. I really do not like the airport. They need a better place to eat and for it to be closer. It was not a good layover.

Then it was time to go to Korea. I caught a good seat and enjoyed the flight. The flight crew looked like they were very unprofessional. i was wondering in Cathay does what Emirates Air does, if you have seniority, you do not have to work Korea. The flight staff were very unprofessional and it showed. I could not believe it when they gave me a survey. I filled it out to the max!

The flight was finally over and I got my bags and went to an ATM and looked at the watch. It was 2140. i knew that the last train left Seoul Station for Daejeon at 11pm. It was not going to be the KTX. So I caught a bus and made it in time for the train. If I did not I was going to ITEWON and crash the night there.

I finally caught a quick nap on the train.

i recognized the station and got off. I was able to catch a cab and went back to site "e" and went to my room and collapsed.

I had returned back to Korea and had made it back safe and sound.

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