Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Now the second day was interesting. I actually slept for awhile. I could not believe it. When I woke up I saw Dan and Greer in the back yard and I still could not believe the view.

I did 3 things of note on this day.

1. I met Greer's Mom and Dad. He is a veterinarian and has a nice job, I think working for the government of NZ. Her Mom was awesome. I can see where the humor comes from, but, in my opinion, I think she is more like her dad. He cooked some very nice meat for us and we had a great time at their place. I found out the her brother, Frasier, was in a week long class and would have to rush to get to the wedding on Saturday.

2. We went looking around downtown. I could not believe that they had a K-mart, subway, McDonald's and KFC. I wanted to apologize for the rush of American food here. We also went walking around and if you look at the photos, here you will see a lot of different looks around town. I was shown the Cadbury chocolate factory and I could not believe how much I liked this chocolate (I have heard that e-mart sells it). We also went to a museum and I was listening to Greer's story about how her grandmother had taken her here and how she was afraid of a bird called Moa. It was a very interesting story.

#3. The 3 of us went to a movie, my treat, and we saw, on the big screen, "There will be Blood" It was so much better on the big screen that the small one. DAN got a huge kick out of the, "I'll drink your milkshake" speech.

Once again we had a great day.

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