Sunday, March 23, 2008

Well Now it was Friday.

Greer and the ladies were gathering for a lunch at a nice place. Dan had a few things to do, so I walked around town and took a lot of photos of Dunedin.

photos of Dunedin

Dan had told me to take a look at the Train Station, It was named one of the 100 places to see before you die. After seeing it I can understand why. In its day it must have been a beautiful place to arrive at. Sad to say the trains no longer ran from ChristChurch to Dunedin. I would have had loved to have taken the train instead of the bus. What can I say, Korea has gotten me used to trains.

I could not believe how beautiful the town of Dunedin was. I was so happy to take the photos that you see in the link above.

I had told Dan that we, the guys, should get together. Me, Dan, Simeon, His Dad and Greer's father. We all met up at The Velvet Hamburger. (Man I wish we had one of them in Korea also)We went outside and had a great time.

Now Dan's father told a great story about how Dan was a 2 year production. (I definitely see where Dan gets him humor from)I was LOL and Simeon was just looking shocked. (My friend you were a 2 year production and you married someone who loves you, what a 2 year production)

I looked around town for awhile longer and then caught the bus back to the place.

Something interesting happened and once again, I knew that these 2 were right for each other.

I had told Dan earlier, that he was so lucky to marry a lady like Greer. Greer had not and did not go Bridezilla at any time. She wanted a very simple ceremony. She told me that she just wanted to be married and the heck with the ceremony. I really think that she did not want to be the center of attention. I told her, you are the bride, you will be the center of attention.

I also told Dan that he was very lucky getting married to her. The families like each other, the dad's play golf together, the moms get along. I reminded him how rare that was. i told him of all of the wedding stories that I had done.

The Princess wedding, the wedding that the families hated each other. The father that flat out refused to put the hands together after the father daughter dance. I have seen a lot of things go wrong. He was so lucky and that they were so lucky.

Greer finally snapped a little, I really could not believe what she told me. She was sailing along when at the dinner someone stressed her out. She came back to the house where me and Dan were and told us what had happened. Then, mature Dan, kicked in. He talked to her and I saw all of Greer's stress go away. I made a note to myself, way to go you 2.

They had a wedding rehearsal and they both went off together. I just walked around town and was so happy, my friends were getting married in less than 24 hours and I was going to watch it.

That night Greer spent the night at her parents place. Me and Dan were back at their place, we talked for awhile and then I crashed on the sleeper sofa. The wedding was on.

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