Friday, March 28, 2008

Dutch politician Geert Wilders' anti-Muslim short film "Fitna" is finally available on the Internet. Wilders' PVV political party put a link to the 15-minute-short on its Web site at 7 p.m. Thursday Dutch time. English- and Dutch-language versions of the film are offered at via a link to


Immediately after the news, the Dutch government went into a crisis meeting to discuss a reaction to the film. It is expected that Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende will give a response to Wilders' action later tonight.

"Fitna" contains images of the terror attack on the Twin Towers, the bombing of railway station Atocha in Madrid and the murder of director Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam. The film starts with a warning that it offers shocking images. The production, difficult to view because of many downloads, ends with a Danish cartoon of the prophet Muhammed hit apparently by a bomb. Wilders combines the images with various texts from the Koran, including quotes urging Muslims "to strike terror in the hearts of the enemies."

The Dutch politician said in an interview tonight on Dutch national television that his intention is to condemn the ideology of the Koran. "I do not hate the Muslim people," he stated. He also announced that his party will organize meetings in the future to start a dialogue with Muslims.

"Fitna" was originally to be presented at a March 28 press conference in the Hague, the Dutch center of politics. Due to extreme security costs, the event was canceled.

Last week, U.S. Internet provider Network Solutions refused to host the film online.

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