Sunday, March 23, 2008

Speight's Tour

Well it was Thursday and I was off to do a tour of the brewery where they make the delicious Beer that I was drinking in NZ. It's called Speight's and I liked it and I wish that they sold it in Korea.

I first went to the Octagon area and made a little video of the downtown area. it is such a great spot of town with a lot to do. In my week their I saw a radio car, NASCAR race on tv, a toga gathering, nice food, cold beer and a nice movie chain.

Dunedin Octagon

I walked around and ate more meat pies and drank some very cold diet coke and went to the Brewery. Greer had call for me a reservation and I check myself in, paid the fee and looked at the gift shop.

I had never toured a brewery before and it was a nice tour, as you can tell by the photos that I took.

After the tour I tried some samples of the Beer. I am definitely not a dark ale person. I love the lite ale.

I went to the gift shop and bought 2 shirts and 1 huge blanket.

i sure wish that they sold Speight's in Korea!!!

Below are 2 commercials that I just loved from NZ about the Beer.

So as they say, thanks for the beer tour and, "GOOD ON YOU MATE"


After the tour, I ate another of those delicious Velvet hamburgers and went to Hoyt's and saw "The Bucket List" on the big screen. It was a nice day.

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