Wednesday, March 19, 2008

now for day 3 and 4

It was a Monday and I had the day to myself. Dan had to take a test and Greer had some wedding things to take care of. So I was off to a place called The Octagon. I went to the sports bar, in hope of seeing the Daytona 500 on Tv. I went to the sport bar and they were showing a stoopid Texas A&M basketball game. So I went to have another hamburger at a placed called "Velvet Hamburger" I have no idea what they use but the food was delicious. I was going to a movie theater, when I passed a bar that had the 500 on it.

I went to the bar and said, I will have a Speight's and I thank you for showing the race. I ended up meeting a waitress from Canada, who was going to school at the college. I immediately stood out because, I knew who the racers were. She figured out that I was an American. I told her that I was here for a wedding. I also drank a ginger beer and something else. They were ok. I was a little upset that Dale Jr. had a bad late run. I thanked her for some great service.

I then went to a theater called Hoyts Cinema in Dunedin and wanted to see what a NZ theater was like. They do not sell hot dogs nor nachos. They sell great chocolate and some ok popcorn, The fresh ice cream was delicious. The price was 13.00 NZ$ for the ticket. The seats were great and the commercials were in English, so it took a bit to get used to it. The film previews were nice and I hated the 10,000 BC preview in NZ also.

I decide to take the bus back to Dan and Greer's place after the movie. I was a bit worried so I asked and I was told that this was the right bus. The cost was 1.30 NZ$ and it was a nice little ride. I got off and realized that I was very close and I was not lost. That is always a good sign.

I met Dan and Greer back at the place and told them of my day. Dan had passed his test and Greer had taken care of her wedding items. Greer told me that her dad would show me around town on Wednesday. I was hoping to see the penguins. We had fun that night and it was good to talk with my friends and see what was going on in their lives.

Tuesday was a nice day also.

I had my first meat pie. It was very delicious (and I want them here in Korea ASAP) I also saw they they sold more slurpees here, so that made me happy also. I went and got them a 230 converter for the dvd player that I got them. I walked around town again and met some of the people on the tour boat that stopped in Dunedin. I could not believe how warm it was in NZ. It was summer down in NZ and it sure beat the cold weather that I had in Korea. I went and saw another movie and then the night got interesting.

We went to a bar on the Octagon and it was a nice time, then I saw a lot of people walking and mulling around wearing togas. I noticed that I was the only person staring at them. So I asked the question WTF?

It looks like they have a very interesting orientation week at the Otago. The first night I was in Dunedin, I had heard that a huge party was going on and that tonight was going to be a huge toga party.

I have no ideal who any of these students are but the girl saw me taking the photo and she raised her hands. It was a great shot.

Later in the evening I was actually able to see a satellite actually moving in the sky. I could not believe how beautiful the night are in NZ. It was just nice to drink a beer and watch the sky move.

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