Sunday, March 23, 2008

Well Thursday night was very interesting.

We went to the fake US Pizza place and it was a great night.

We got there and I remember meeting some of the people a few days ago. I started to listen to all of the stories.

I remember Kim, Greer and Abby we talking and I asked Dan how long they had known each other, Dan said that it had been since they were in grade school together. I was very impressed with that.

Then I did something later on, I hit the table and spoke.

Dan and Greer said that on their wedding that there will be no speeches, they said nothing about tonight!

So I started this little speech.

I have known these 2 the lest amount of time here. When I first met Dan and Greer, they were these kind nice kids, I thought to myself, How in the heck are these 2 going to make it in Korea? As I saw these 2 together, I kept noticing something, when Dan was weak Greer was strong and when Greer was weak Dan would be strong. It just happened together. Now I told these 2 that if they got married I would be there, so to my friends congrats and lets get these 2 married!!!

A few other people stated a few things and we will all happy that these 2 were getting married in 48 hours. It was a very happy night and it was 2 days to go to the wedding.

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