Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well it was now my last day in Dunedin.

I was sad about having to leave Dunedin. I like the beer, the Meat Pies, the octagon and esp the chocolate.

I had finished packing up when I saw Dan and Greer return from the hotel room. I looked at them both and realized that they were both legally married. They were going on their honeymoon then next day and they were going to Greece. I told Dan to please try and go to Sparta and to the Battle of Thermopylae site. since we saw "300" on IMAX.

Greer stated that her Dad was going to have lunch and later went there to have lunch. It was such fresh food and VERY DELICIOUS. i was able to secure a later bus passage and spent the day with my friends and the delicious food.

I saw they they were now married and that they were looking at their wedding gifts. It was a very nice day spent with my friends.

It was time for me to catch the 6 hour bus ride to Christchurch. I hugged both of my friends good bye and got a ride to the bus station.

While I was waiting for the bus and during the ride to ChristChurch, I was thinking about this week that I spent in Dunedin. It was a very beautiful city and one that I would like to see again. I had a great vacation.

I watched Rugby and now I watch cricket sometimes here on online tv. I miss Speight's and meat pies.

To Dan and Greer, thank you for inviting me to the wedding and thank you for showing me around Dunedin. To the parents of the couple, thank you for telling me the stories and for showing me around Dunedin also, I had a great time.

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