Sunday, March 23, 2008

Well it was Saturday and it was the day of the wedding.

Dan,Simeon and Nathan Kerr (The best man, who just arrived on holiday from the NZ Army) had to get their outfits for the wedding. I later found out that the happy couple almost saw each other at the octagon. I just stayed at the place and got myself ready. I later learned a nice saying about, "They scrub up very well" I heard that a lot at the wedding. Then all 4 of us got ready for the wedding.

Wedding photos #1


I was being taken to the wedding location by the Brides parents. Thats when I finally meet Greer's brother Fraser. (I later found out that he is a huge fan of "The Wire" So when I mailed 3 cd's full of photos and wedding videos, I mailed a copy of Season 5 of The Wire, for him. I hope that he likes it.)

I had not yet gone this way yet so I was looking at all of the new scenery and once again, was amazed by the beauty of Dunedin and beyond. The car finally stopped at a house and I saw all of the chairs and thought that this was the place for the wedding.

I later learned that the site of the wedding was at the home of Greer's Grandparents. Sad to say but both of them had passed on, but I knew that they were in heaven watching the wedding and were very happy.

They were serving Speight's while we were waiting for the wedding to start. I walked around and talked to a lot of people. I soon found out that a lot of the people there were friends of the brides parents. Richard told me that a lot of the people here were at his wedding and now they are here for his daughters wedding. I thought it was so cool.

I still could not believe that I was going to watch my friends finally get married.

Well we mingled around for awhile and then it was time for the wedding.

I found my seat and saw the men stand on their aisle. Dan looked really nice in his suit and thats when I heard the once again, that he scrubs up well. The the maid of honor walked down the aisle.(There should have been 2 but Rebecca could not get free for the last few days of her stoopid contract at their old school)Then it came time for the bride to walk down the aisle. She looked very beautiful in her dress and both of her parents walked her down the aisle. It was so beautiful.

It was a very short 8 minute wedding. Both Dan and Greer both wanted a very simple ceremony. It was very simple and very beautiful. The bride was starting to cry and I thought that I was going to also. The bride looked so happy and I know that Dan was also.

When the said man and wife, I was cheering in the inside and I was so happy.

I was able to get a lot of photos and I have a video copy of the wedding. It really was a very nice wedding.

We then mingled after the wedding and the photographers took a lot of good photos.

I could not believe that by pure stoopid luck I was able to get one heck of a great shot at the wedding.

I was waiting by the Limo and I saw the couple waiting by an old barn and I said hold on, this would make a great photo. I looked and centered the shot and took the picture. I looked it at and thought, this is a good picture. When I uploaded the photo on Facebook, I looked at it and said that it was a great photo. I can not tell you how happy I was when Greer put that photo as her display photo on Facebook.

I caught a ride to where the reception was going to be held at.

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