Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Travel day 1

Travel day 2

Wednesday was the travel day. Greer's father was going to show me around Dunedin.

The 1.5 albums above are from that day.

We drove around and I was shown seals, birds, a lot of animals and water. I could not believe how much water is near Dunedin.

We also saw a fire happen at a building, It really went up fast.

I must admit the 2 highlights were the penguins and the fake American pub.

They have a penguin colony near Dunedin and we were able to see them. I was so happy. For anyone who knows me, one of my favorite cartoon has always been Opus the Penguin and when I saw that I would have to chance to see them live, I jumped at the chance.

It cost 35 NZ$ and it was worth it. I got to see some live penguins and I was so happy.

I had asked Greer's dad (Richard) if we could go to the Philadelphia bar. (There was going to be a gathering there tomorrow and I had no idea what it was about)

Now this is going to sound strange what happened next, but to me it made scene.

I had a pizza and a Beer and I was watching the England-New Zealand Cricket test (Greer had earlier shown me at a high school students playing cricket and teaching me the scoring and the rules)Because of that, I was saying that's 1, 2 4, or 6 runs. I was able to see a pull hitter and I notice a defense shift. I could not believe that I was watching cricket and it was just so normal. (Now that i am back in Korea, I have watch a few games online and have enjoyed them)

It was a great time with Mr Richard and Once again I thank him for showing me around that day.

We once again had a nice dinner and it was nice to see all around my friends beautiful city. I can not believe that they left this for Korea. I do hope that if they want to buy a home that they can.

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